Intigriti 0821 – XSS Challenge Writeup

Intigriti 0821 XSS Challenge by @WHOISbinit Website Overview Let’s take a look at the website and how it works 👀 The main page is using a <iframe> and looks like main page don’t have any details. So, the iframe’s source url is Here. Interesting Javascript Libraries/Files In that page’s source we can find 3 […]

Intigirti 1221 XSS Challenge – Writeup

Intigirti 1221 XSS Challenge – Writeup by @isira_adithya As usual, Intigrti released a new challenge by E1u5iv3F0x And, Finally this time I got the first blood on the challenge. Challenge is hosted at Website Overview 👨‍💻 As mentioned in the instructions, We have to pop an alert at I was able to give […]